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Gambling Addiction: Symptoms and Treatment

Gambling, 꽁머니 ‘s commonly called, is the exciting wagering of something of value or cash on an uncertain occasion with an uncertain result. Gambling requires three components to be present: risk, consideration, and a prize or wager. The prize is usually referred to as a ‘reward’. Without risk there is no gambling. Without consideration, there would be no motive to gamble. Lastly, without a prize there would be no incentive to gamble.

The American Medical Association provides the following guidelines to assist in those who wish to stop gambling: First, if gambling has developed a problem for you, it is best to seek the help of a professional. Seeking the advice of a licensed health care practitioner, particularly one with expertise in addiction, can make the difference between success and failure. One can attempt in vain to fight the odds. If one truly wishes to stop gambling, it is necessary to overcome the source.

For many, the problem of gambling disorder may develop when a gambling problem is not identified and treated promptly. It is important for family members to understand that gambling disorder is a serious issue that requires immediate and proper treatment. Family members should educate themselves about the nature of gambling, especially if they have a loved one with such a disorder. They should also be able to recognize warning signs and symptoms.

Often, family members may become involved in the problem gambling behaviour themselves, which is counterproductive. The gambler is at greater risk of developing addictions to alcohol or drugs, which in turn heightens the danger of relapse. Family members should try to understand the gambler’s motivations for engaging in gambling. Do they gamble because they enjoy winning or losing? Do they feel guilty or afraid? This understanding will provide the foundation for addressing the problem.

Because so many people gamble, there are many support groups for those who suffer from gambling disorder. Gambling chat rooms are very popular on the Internet. These online forums are an ideal way for those with problem gambling behaviour to communicate and share their feelings. It is also a great place for family members to discuss their own feelings about gambling and ways to help the individual to stop gambling. It is always a good idea for family members to support their own loved ones, as well.

In the case of family members or friends of gamblers who are suffering from gambling addiction, the pressure to “do something” about the problem can be overwhelming. One of the most effective approaches is for the gambler to realize that he/she has an addiction, and that help is available. In some cases, the gambler may need to visit a counselling office. This is not done in an effort to “get him/her into treatment,” but rather to get them into a healthier frame of mind. Counselling can often prove to be a valuable resource in the recovery process, as it can help the gambler see that there are alternatives to gambling.g

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